Pleasant, Exotic, and Sensuous! Undiluted Pure blend of Perfume Oils. 100% natural, 100% alcohol-free
Facial Serum

Amber Essence

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$15.00 each AM100

Amber is highly prized and a precious perfume used for centuries and has its origins in India. Golden amber has a light sweet and slightly earthy scent with a hint of musk as well as a hint of beeswax. This wonderful fragrance intensifies when rubbed on the skin or warmed through body heat, the scent can last days or weeks.

Amber Resin is an alchemical blend of sacred oils, powders and resins that is sensually enticing and calming to the mind. Amber is a wonderful unisex natural perfume. Both men and women take delight in Amber Essence.

I like to keep my AMBER BOX on the dash of my car, where the sun will naturally releases it's wonderful fragrance. This is a truly wonderful essence! You will love it!

Description: Amber Resin Essence

Botanical Name: Liquidamber Orientails

Origin: India

Uses: Resin Perfume / Fragrance