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  Welcome to Legends of Africa! We handcraft all our products. You won't find mass manufactured products here or so-called "natural" products that don't make it through reading the label. At Legends of Africa we always use truly natural ingredients. Quality skin care products should provide nourishment for your skin like good organic food provides nourishment for your entire body.

When we say natural, we mean it! Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It is exposed to the harsh environment 24 hours a day seven days a week. Why add to this by applying products containing harsh synthetic chemical that are known irritants or carcinogens (yes cancer causing agents). While it is true we cannot avoid what is in the air surrounding us, we can control what we apply to our skin. At Legends of Africa we only use naturally sourced material to make our products. We sell in small quantities with a shelf life ensuring the integrity of our product.

"To your health" -Legends of Africa....


Welcome to the Legends of Africa!

    Whether you are shopping for the perfect gift for your loved ones, learning how to appreciate mother nature's gift to mankind or looking to explore our craftsmanship, we have something for you!!!!