Legends of Africa is an established small business player in the holistic trade, socially & environmentally conscious market. Founded in 2004, Legends of Africa produces, designs and distributes Organic skin care, Animal care crèmes, and Knits.

      Most of the products are made from renewable resources mostly from Africa, thus providing the indigenous people with incentives to conserve, protect, and in many cases restore natural resources and biologically-diverse ecosystems.

      All Legends of Africa’s products provide viable economic alternatives to the actual gatherers and farmers in the African countries from which we acquire our raw materials while promoting social and environmental responsibility. Also, through this we try to cultivate profitable endeavors that enrich lives, communities and the world at large.

      Much of Legends of Africa merchandising and promotional work is done at art and craft shows, a strategic decision that allows a greater investment to be placed in the reliability of the company and the quality of the merchandise.

      We are now currently pursuing the expansion of our customer base through other stores. We always will remain true to the purpose of our company - great products for a worthy cause!